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slow openings, commonly known as slowpenings

Welcome all!

City of Rapture is now officially open! Intro posts will soon be going up in the main and network communities so characters can mingle and start acclimatizing to their new environment, so keep your eyes peeled. Iman Asadi and a few NPCs will be around if you want your character to get a little roadside assistance as they adjust to the city, so just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to set that in motion!


The beginning date September 1st, 1958. The city is at its social and economic zenith, much of it running smoothly. At this point in time, Fontaine Futuristics is the sole manufacturer of plasmids, the majority of which are largely experimental. Plasmids haven’t hit the market in full force yet, but they’re certainly out there, and depending on who keeps what ear to the ground, one might be able to get their hands on some "prototypes". All vending machines listed on the premise page are available to the public with the exception of the Gatherer’s Gardens.

The Vita-Chambers are similarly also in experimental stages. A few have begun popping up in certain sections of the city such as the Adonis Luxury Resort, mainly to be used as luxury rejuvenation treatments.

The city is (so far) bereft of splicers or Big Daddies, though production of Little Sisters has already been initiated discretely by Fontaine Futuristics. The Little Sister Orphanages haven’t gotten the level of open scrutiny they’ll accumulate once Little Sisters hit the public eye, but so far the Sisters have been quiet, effective producers of ADAM from behind Fontaine’s closed gates.

Feel free to mingle OOCly below. Any questions and the mods will be around to answer!

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