Nov. 1st, 2015 06:22 pm
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Seeing as very few people seem particularly interested, we're going to have to close the game until further notice. Apologies to all two of the people who seemed genuinely excited to play here, but there's just no way this is going to work. It was dead in the water and doomed from the start.

EDIT: A few people have sent queries and I wanted to clarify. One of the mods stepped down and the other unfortunately had to step back to deal with some impactful RL issues. The playerbase really isn't large enough for us to justify handing the reins to someone else. It was bad luck and bad timing, and we're sorry.
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Welcome all!

City of Rapture is now officially open! Intro posts will soon be going up in the main and network communities so characters can mingle and start acclimatizing to their new environment, so keep your eyes peeled. Iman Asadi and a few NPCs will be around if you want your character to get a little roadside assistance as they adjust to the city, so just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to set that in motion!


The beginning date September 1st, 1958. The city is at its social and economic zenith, much of it running smoothly. At this point in time, Fontaine Futuristics is the sole manufacturer of plasmids, the majority of which are largely experimental. Plasmids haven’t hit the market in full force yet, but they’re certainly out there, and depending on who keeps what ear to the ground, one might be able to get their hands on some "prototypes". All vending machines listed on the premise page are available to the public with the exception of the Gatherer’s Gardens.

The Vita-Chambers are similarly also in experimental stages. A few have begun popping up in certain sections of the city such as the Adonis Luxury Resort, mainly to be used as luxury rejuvenation treatments.

The city is (so far) bereft of splicers or Big Daddies, though production of Little Sisters has already been initiated discretely by Fontaine Futuristics. The Little Sister Orphanages haven’t gotten the level of open scrutiny they’ll accumulate once Little Sisters hit the public eye, but so far the Sisters have been quiet, effective producers of ADAM from behind Fontaine’s closed gates.

Feel free to mingle OOCly below. Any questions and the mods will be around to answer!

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Hello members, lurkers, and passers-by, and welcome to the pre-opening PSA.

It's been very quiet here and we felt it was past time to drop some knowledge. The game's opening has been in limbo for a while as we debated waiting to garner more attention or just opening and going full steam ahead with a very small group. At last head count the party consists of mods Ellis and Ollie, apped members Mil, Wings, and Spazzy, and two or three people who have reported an interest in applying/are actively working on applications. That is a very small group indeed! We're willing to go forth and make that work, because we figure even some small game action is better than nothing. It'll be cozy and probably a bit slow, but hopefully we can make the most of it! The setting has plenty to offer after all.

In the next day or two there'll be a pre-opening post from one of the mod characters, who will be arriving about a month before everyone else starts trickling in, and will thus have time to get established and be sort of a beacon for new characters when they arrive. Keep an eye out for that if you want to see how that goes down. And on Sunday the 25th, we'll open properly.

To start things off, there will be a communal open-to-all post, since characters will essentially all be arriving around the same time (at least in this first wave). Players can request to engage with NPCs, though at this early stage we'd really like to encourage forming character relationships immediately so players can start building plots around them. We have a small but very interesting spread of folks so it shouldn't be too difficult to get them interacting in neat ways.

And that's about that for now! Feel free to ask questions here or just say hi and introduce yourself to the little family. Thank you for putting your faith in this little baby game and for your patience as we sort this stuff out!

P.S. If you have not already done so, we highly recommend tracking this community. Most games operate via Plurk, but we're outliers and should not be counted and will be doing all the community updates here, so it's a good idea to watch this space for announcements!